New Years Resolutions are for Suckers… My Goal Setting and #PTSD

A Ranger School Student conducting a tactical crossing during Jungle Phase, courtesy Stars and

To get off my absentee blogging snide I am going to bang out this quick post and share some of my goal setting for this New Year.

My philosophy of goal setting was shaped by the Center for Enhanced Performance and their curriculum. The CEP is now Army wide and expanded their message to help Soldiers, Officers and DA Civilians at all levels.

So, here are a few points of the philosophy:

1. Write ‘em down. My head has been a mine field for the past six years. Any goal that I think I set, and is not written down has the potential of being warped or forgotten.
2. SMART: Specific, Measurable, Action focused, Realistic, Time Bound. All of these help shape the statement so that it if I ask a question when in a few months “Did I do this?” it is a Boolean response. Yes or No.
3. It is a living document. If you write a whole bunch of stuff down, tuck it in your bookshelf and look at it next New Year’s save yourself the time and paper and just don’t do it.
4. Be brutally honest with yourself and your capabilities. It is my document. If I write down a whole bunch of stuff and a) I don’t believe it and b) it is unrealistic, I am just wasting my time. Stand naked before the Gods and look deep within yourself. Reach far, but keep your feet on the ground. There is nothing that says you cannot pull yourself up to the next level, plant your feet, and reach again.

An Example: My New Years resolution was to be lighter on New Years Day than I was at Thanksgiving.

See how that works? I did not wait until New Years to set a goal. I have been setting goals all along. I just used New Years as a milestone. Also, I can answer the question “Was I lighter on New Year’s Day than I was at Thanksgiving?” with a resounding “Yes.” (pretty proud of that… btw.)

So, here are my goals under the Mental and Physical Health Section of my priorities. These will be posted in my office and periodically evaluated ( I like to do quarterly.)

A Veteran who is Mentally and Physically Strong

Action Statements
I eat healthy controlled portions keeping my caloric intake under 2300 per day.
I exercise everyday for at least 30 minutes.
I attend group at least twice a month and take my medicine daily.
I weigh 195 pounds by August 19th 2012.
I write in my blog at least once a week.
Believe Statements
I have the strength to stick to my diet and exercise plan.
I am determined to maintain my healthy lifestyle.
I have the necessary mental skills to maintain a healthy and positive outlook.

I will revisit this in a later blog post in a few months

If you are interested in reading more about the process or downloading a Goal Setting worksheet, visit to learn more about ACEP and for the MRT-C workbook.

Happy New Year… Suckers. ☺