For Discussion: PTSD-Purple Hearts – via ABC News

PTSD-Purple Hearts – ABC News.

The Purple Heart

I am giving my Press This and Google Alerts integration a go.

This story, and versions of it, have been crossing my inbox for the better part of the week.

I would like nothing more for than the stigma of PTSD to be wiped away.  I am leaning towards more and frank education.  I don’t think re-writing diagnosis is the place to start.  I would like to hear from more people on this, civilian, Veteran, Active Duty…

Thanks for reading and, hopefully, discussing!


2 thoughts on “For Discussion: PTSD-Purple Hearts – via ABC News

  1. Afoxconsulting

    Bring on more awareness, education, and acceptance. And better funding for support once one asks for help for PTSD. It takes great strength, the strength of a warrior to ask for help. Love and hugs to our vets.

  2. Joshua Larkin

    I totally agree with Afoxconsulting. There definitely needs to be more of the right support. Myself, I feel that awarding veterans the purple heart for it will cause a very large grey area of who deserves and who doesn’t. I myself was diagnosed about 6 months ago and do not feel that I deserve an award that many of my friends’ families were awarded. But thats just me and my situation, but it is an invisible wound.

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