Keeping the Fire Lit…

I have not updated in a while, but things are going well. I made a few goals for this year with the intent of speaking up more and advocating for Veterans.

This short file crossed my inbox and I am compelled to share it.

War changes everyone.

The bottom line is that seeking help is not a sign of weakness but of strength. We deployed together, we fought together, we need to overcome this new set of challenges together.

Please watch and share:


2 thoughts on “Keeping the Fire Lit…

  1. Paving the Road Back

    Good to read you again, and I agree: a painful, but very important piece. Have begun sharing it. As a father myself, it is so painful to watch Dad, to see and to know his pride in his son, and yet to see and to feel his pain. Tragic, tragic.

  2. mikeypiro


    Yes, this one is tough. The VA and the Army get poor grades so far. This New Year we should see a war wind down. We will face a new challenge of being forgotten. I think this year it is more important than ever that we speak up about tackling these issues. God Speed.


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