SPI Walk For Life Honor Roll

IMG_4023Saturday May 5, 2013 Team Survivor Walked along the Hudson on a beautiful Spring morning to raise awareness about Veteran Suicide and PTSD.

We set a goal of 10 walkers and $3000.  I am proud to say we exceeded both our goals!

We had 10 walkers (not counting 7 children) and raised a grand total of $4605.00!

Here is the list of our Walkers:

Sarah Piro, Tom Miale, Kristen Lonergan, BA Miale, Fred Schwark, Annie Staak, Nicole Thur, Marissa Piro, Pete Goldstein

We could not have done it without the support of these great donors (in no particular order):

Ami Gaudette, Cathy Gatto, Chas Danner, Daniel Perry, Jai Walsh, Jessica Skorton, Jillian Lusk, Juliza Ramirez-Wylie, Kate and Frank Miale, Keri Mulle, Margaret Monsour, Michael Levy, Michala Koch, Nicole Lanzillotto, Paul Bonnici, Paul Steinbrecher, The Cashman Family, Victoria Collier, Jeff Jones (I have never met Jeff, but he signed up and donated $1000), CJ and Kayleigh Thornton, Wendy Jublo, Janice Delaney Stearns, Anna Copa Cabanna, Henry Miale (In Support Of Auntie Bethann) Mary Ann Miale, Sanie Whalen, Amy Butler, Scott Randolph, Carolyn Wagner, The Levittown Miales, Kellie Allen, Lydia and Doug Tirpak, Brynn & Rowan Danow, Sarah Nelson, The Schwark Family, James Magan,  Jordan Pardes

I would be remiss if did not also thank Brian Foley and Adrian Guglielmo for introducing me to the cause.

I also want to send a huge Thank You to Andrew Sullivan, Chris Bodenner and the staff at The Daily Dish as well as their generous and thoughtful readers!